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Pultruded Gratings for Walkway, Deck, Stairs

Pultruded Gratings for Walkway, Deck, Stairs

Pultruded fiberglass grating is made by the process of pultrusion, which pulls the glass strands through a machine and wraps in a glass fabric, then seals together with a resin. It is manufactured by assembling two structural fiberglass shapes (cross and bearing bars) into a grid pattern, which increases the support and stability of the grating under extreme loads.

With its much higher glass content, pultruded fiberglass grating has unidirectional strength, resulting in greater span capability than molded fiberglass grating. This makes it specified for applications that require larger spans or heavier loading.

Pultruded grating comes in many shapes and sizes to meet wide variety of applications. The standard shapes include:

I-bar allows more open space between the bearing bars, it is an industrial strength fiberglass grating, intended for applications with heavy loads and extreme conditions.

T-bar provides more surface area, perfect for pedestrian applications.

Heavy load bar (Rectangular bar) 

Heavy load bar is designed for extreme loads and the utmost of corrosive environments.

Standard top surfaces

Gritted surface.

Smooth surface.

Corrugated surface.

Covered and gritted.

Key features

Chemical resistance.

High glass content for greater impact resistance.

Corrosion resistance.

UV protected.

Lightweight yet durable.

Fire retardant.

Low thermal conductivity.

Suitable for all environments, exterior or interior.

Slip-resistance top surface.

Easy fabrication and maintenance.

Cost effective replacement for metal gratings.

Extended life.


Standard colour: yellow, light gray, dark gray, black. (Other colours like red or green is also available.)

Resin: polyester resin, vinyl ester resin.

Can be fixed to: steel, wood or concrete.

Fixing method: a wide selection of grating clips.

Pultruded Gratings for Walkway, Deck, Stairs