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FRP grating cutting precautions

Feb. 12, 2018

FRP grating in the use of its need to be cut, cut into the size for their own use, Hebei Huaqiang FRP plant as a professional FRP grating manufacturers, today we work together to learn about the FRP grating cutting Precautions.
1. Cut the choice of machine: FRP grating can use ceramic discs or just sand disc cutter to stop cutting. You can also cut the manufacturers directly.
2 mobile bracket machine choice: When cutting with a large cutting machine required to flow well to prevent the grille and cutting machine movement. If the factory cut, these problems will pay attention to the factory
3 safety instructions: Before cutting, the operating workers should wear protective glasses and masks and gloves and overalls, the choice of excellent ventilation, light crystal occasions to stop cutting.
4. How to shelve the FRP grating: The grill bottom up after cutting, can reduce the occurrence of debris.
5. For the censorship to stop: Please think before cutting cutting edge sawing the magnitude of the grid after cutting the length and breadth of the size of the bias for the -6mm ~ 0mm; round the size of the deviation from -9.5mm ~ 0mm
6 to achieve the future to solve the task: the name of the grid after cutting the need to use resin coating processing, the resin used to be higher than the grid with the title of resin, such as o-benzene grid with benzene resin brush surface to prevent erosion of media For external glass fiber erosion.

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