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FRP pultruded grating features

Feb. 12, 2018

FRP pultruded grating features

1, corrosion-resistant. Different levels of acid-base salts, organic solvents, gas and liquid corrosion have a good tolerance. 2, light weight, high strength. FRP pultruded grating weighs only 20% of the steel, glass fiber, continuous felt, surface felting hot pultrusion, the material ratio of 65% glass fiber and 35% resin, the strength to meet the needs of most customers. 3, good impact strength. FRP pultruded grating has a certain flexibility, after the impact of a certain deformation but temporary, will not happen permanent deformation. 4, non-slip performance is good. FRP pultruded grating generally increase the friction of the grille by adding a binder or sand, which is suitable for some food processing industries and offshore drilling platforms and other fields. 5, anti-aging performance is good. FRP pultruded grating with phenolic resin and glass fiber will only reduce the intensity by 5% in 20 years though the appearance will change a little after it is exposed to sunshine and atmosphere for a long time without affecting the strength of its use. In addition you can increase the UV coating. 6, the appearance. The process of adding grill paste ingredients, will not worry about the sun exposure caused by fading. 7, good security. FRP pultruded grating non-metallic, will not produce conductive, nor electromagnetic, friction will not produce sparks, you can use the prohibition of open flame or flammable occasions.

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