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Notes when using FRP grating

Feb. 12, 2018

Notes when using FRP gratingAfter the purchase of FRP grating, is the use of FRP grating, how to use FRP grids, and should pay attention to what should be used when, Hebei Huaqiang FRP plant as a professional FRP grid manufacturers today to learn together with you about FRP grating when using the precautions.

When we use the FRP grating to know the quality of the product itself is still relatively light, so some low water level in the installation of some time to consider taking some anti-floating measures. When our staff to set up the product on the tee, to carry out the curing process, this is to make the product be better solid and use.

The FRP grating itself is poor UV protection, so in order to be able to delay the aging of the product, we need to select the surface of the resin-rich layer and the UV absorber, but with the frequency of our users, the outside of the product Of UV absorbers and other protective materials will be subject to some damage, resulting in product life is damaged. Construction team in the construction should also try to avoid the product being dug damaged.

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